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  The following is a list of organizations that work closely with the TDMA.   
  Local Organizations:  
  • The Board of Investment of Thailand  
  • The Customs Department of the Kingdom of Thailand  
  • Department of International Trade Promotion  
  • Thai Department of Foreign Trade  
  • Immigration Bureau of Thailand  
  • Ministry of Commerce of Thailand  
  • Revenue Department of Thailand  
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand    
  International Organizations:  
  • HRD Antwerp
• GIA Diamond Cut Grading System
• World Diamond Council
• World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)
• Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa
• New York Diamond Dealers Club
• Antwerp World Diamond Centre
• International Diamond Council
• Israel Diamond Institute
• Verichannel, LLC
• Responsible Jewellery Council
  IDMA (International Diamond Manufacturers Associations):  
  • International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA)
• Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association
• Diamond Manufacturers Association of Canada
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