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  Message from the President
Dear Friends, 

Over two decades ago, "Thai Diamonds" were first traded in the world markets. The stones immediately won recognition for the quality of the cut.

Members of the TDMA throughout this period have ensured that the norm was a make of this quality. The gifted craftsmanship of the workers and their working discipline have contributed to the success of the industry in this country. The production ranges from regular brilliant to excellent cut in rounds and a whole range of fancies.
The membership of the TDMA comprises a diversity of international and local investors. The Association takes pride in saying all members have worked in harmony for the good of the industry. The ties of friendship and cooperation are strong.
TDMA members have joined hands to organize numerous successful events and functions on both national and international scale.
The TDMA members have braved the turbulent times of the diamond markets. Yet the quality of stones has been consistent. The principles of ethical practice is upheld.
TDMA is an active and contributing member of the world diamond bodies especially the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA).
Come join us as a manufacturer or as a buyer.
Best Regards,
Chirakitti Tangkathach
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