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  Benefits of becoming a member of the TDMA  
To promote the business of diamond manufacturing.
Promote and assist members in solving problems, negotiating with third parties for mutual benefit to the members. Watching and following up on the movement of the world and domestic diamond market for the benefit of trading business, industry, finance or economy.
Create unity and exchanging knowledge and ideas in trade information. Research about diamond manufacturing
Asking for statistics or documents or requesting information concerning diamond cutting from members (with member’s consent).
Promote the quality of diamond cutting works of members in order to be in good standard. Also making research and improving the manufacturing and trade for better outcome.
Cooperate with the government in promoting diamond cutting to maintain the quality in good standard and to comply with government policy.
Promoting diamond manufacturing in order to have enough supplies for both local and foreign markets.
Set up agreements or rules for members to follow in order to benefit the members and the association.
Arbitration disputes between members or between members and third party.
Assist members in welfare if it does not violate Section 22 of the Association Act.
Promote health, sports and entertainment on occasion.
Promote, assist in or arrange activities for charity and/or for the benefit of society
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